Plant List

Plant List

Capacity List

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CNC Machining[+] Expand

CNC Milling

DMG DuoBlock 80P: 5 axis, 3D control systems, Siemens Control 840D solutionline, Machine Protection Control, 1050 x 850 x 800 mm, 1500Kg, 15000 RPM, HSK100, 63 tools.

DMG ecoMill 50 (x2):  3+2 axis, 3D control systems, Siemens Control 840D solutionline, Machine Protection Control, 500 x 450 x 400 mm, 12,000 RPM, 32 tools.

DMG MonoBLOCK 95: 5 axis, 3D control systems Heidenhain TNC 640 or Operate 4.5 on Siemens 840D solutionline and the integrated MPC (Machine Protection Control), 1050 x 950 x 650mm , 1,000 kg in weight, 18000 RPM, 60 tools.

Deckel Maho DMU 50 Evo: 5 axis, Heidenhain TNC 430, capacity 500x420x380mm, 18000RPM spindle, 32tools.

Deckel Maho DMU 70 Evo: 5 axis, Heidenhain iTNC 530, capacity 750x600x520mm, 18000RPM spindle, 32tools.

Deckel Maho DMU 70 Evo: 5 axis, Heidenhain iTNC 530, capacity 750x600x520mm, 18000RPM spindle, 32tools.

Bridgeport VMC 560: 4axis, Heidenhain TNC 370, capacity 580x410x480mm, 6000RPM spindle, 22tools.

Bridgeport VMC 1500: 3axis, Fanuc 18i, capacity 500x800x500mm, 15000RPM spindle, 31tools.

Hedelius C80: 4axis, Heidenhaim iTNC 530, capacity 3000x1000x600mm, 15000RPM spindle, 30tools ELBO tool setting machine 2axis, ELBO Controlli E234.

Haas TM1P: 3 axis, HAAS control, 763x305x406mm, 6000RPM spindle, 10tools.


CNC Turning

Mazak QuickTurn Smart 200: 350mm machining Dia & up to 65mm bar feed Dia, Mazatrol Smart, 5000 RPM spindle, high pressure coolant

Mazak QuickTurn Nexus 450M-II:  845 Dia x 2300mm capacity, 2000RPM spindle, 1.5tn max weight capacity, Live tooling, high pressure coolant.

Mazak Nexus 250-II: Quick turn bar feed, MAZATROL Nexus, tooling bar feed, 254Diax500mm, 4000RPM spindle, high pressure coolant.

Colchester Multi Turn 4000: 830Diax2000mm capacity, 2000RPM spindle, Fanuc OiTB/CAP control system.

Hardinge T51: Slant bed Turning Centre Full C axis Live, 63Dia bar feed, 350Diax581mm, Fanuc 18T,  5000RPM spindle.

Hardinge T42: Slant bed Turning Centre with sub-Spindle, Fanuc OT control system, 231Diax255mm capacity, 5000 RPM spindle.

CNC Wire & Spark Erosion[+] Expand

AgieCharmilles CUT E 600: 5 axis machine, Max Workpiece 1030 x 800 x 350 Wire Diameter 0.15 – 0.30mm.

Agemspark Eurospark H400P: Traverse movement 400x250x200mm.

CAD CAM Software[+] Expand

Edge Cam Suite: Advanced Surface Milling, Solid Machining for Parasolid, Advanced Turning, Wire Erosion, Verification and Part Modeller.

Multi-DNC: fully remote DNC linking to all machines to the central server.

RADAN Software & Ethernet: direct communication with the machines via the network.

Welding[+] Expand

Orbital Welding: Orbital Welding System Orbimatic 160C, 3mm to 152.4mm, capability of setting larger heads, Wacks TFS and TFE tube preparation equipment, Tungsten Grinder.

TiG Welding: Miller 50A Precision TiG, KEMPPI ACDC 2.5 kW, KEMPPI Master 2200 TiG, Lincoln Electric V270-T Pulse, Lincoln Electric 375, Miller 500-3.

MiG Welding: ERFI MiG 170 and ESAB LAX.

Plasma Cutting: CEBORA Plasma Pocket 25 Plasma Cutter.

Coded Welding: Accredited to weld to Norsok and ISO standards for plate and pipe weld.

Laser Cutting & Fabrication[+] Expand

BYSTRONIC-Byspeed 4.4 kW: Byspeed laser cutting, max sheet size 4m x 2m, Thickness: - 25mm mild steel - 15mm Stainless Steel - 12mm Aluminium.

Amada Brake press: 7 axis, 100ton(1000kn),max bending length 3000mm

Adira Brake Press: 2mt, 60ton(600kn),max bending length 2000mm

Hi-ton 60ton Press, Kaltenbach Up Saw, Pedestal drillers, PEM Insert Machines, 6’’ Dia x 1.5mt rollers, 1’’ rollers, Manual Fly Presses, Asquith Radial Drill.

HME Mechanical Presses (4 machines)

Inspection, Testing & Marking[+] Expand

CMM Hexagon Metrology DEA Global Performance: Capacity 3000x1200x1000mm, 3 axis, PC-DMIS measurement and inspection software, Direct CAD Interfaces (DCI).

Engraving Machine PortaDot™ 50-25E: Engraver for big and heavy material, mobile head for easy and flexible access, marking area: 50mm x 25mm, Std. character sizes: 0.15mm – 24.9mm in increments of 0.15mm, marking formed: 5 x 7, 7 x 9, serialisation of components available.

Engraving Machine GEM-CX5: engraving area of 231 x 182 mm (9.1″ x 7″), engraving speeds of up to 133 mm/sec (diamond drag), suitable for small components and long production runs, serialisation of components available.

Mitutoyo PJ300 Profile Projector: 20x optical magnification capacity of 70mm x 70mm.

Mitutoyo SJ-201 Surface roughness tester: Ra 0.01µm to 100µm.

RENISHAW QC10 Ballbar System: For machining centres and lathes.

Leak Detector ADIXON ASM 142 Helium (2 machines): Sensitivity < 1×10-12 mbar.l/s or 0.1 ppm of helium, less than 1 s. using a 5 m/16 ft sniffer probe.

Rothenberger Pressure tester: Testing up to 860psi.

Additional Equipment: Digital Height Gauge, HEINE MSPI Scope, full range of measuring and calibration equipment.

Conventional Machining[+] Expand

Manual Milling: Max capacity 2800x850x800mm .

Manual Turning: Max capacity 470mm Dia x L1600mm.

Finishing Solutions[+] Expand

ECONO-COAT Powder Coating Unit: Manual Powder Booth 3330x2220x2220mm.

EuroBlast 7 Guyson and Euroblast 6 SF Blast Cabinet: Machines are supported by Dust Collector units.

Other finishing solutions: vacuum brazing, heat treatment, plasma spraying, arc spraying, chromium oxide, friction welding, thermal deburring, chemical deburring, specialist bonding and others.

Clean Assembly[+] Expand

Full environmentally controlled clean room, automated test equipment, wide range of electronic test equipment.

UHV Chemical Clean[+] Expand

Full Ultrasonic Clean Facility with deionised water plant.

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