Vision & Values

Vision & Values

We apply our values to the way we work, how we communicate and how we act internally and externally every day.

Our vision is for AMF to be recognised by all of our new and existing customers as the solution provider of choice in the manufacturing of high integrity products and services.


Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to identify, select and develop experienced and young motivated employees. We all embrace the continuous improvement philosophy and strive to achieve the very best results. For these reasons our people are able to offer solutions-based services of the highest quality.


All our employees are entrusted to act in the best interest of the company. We strive to create an environment where employees feel a sense of belonging and of care for the combined future of AMF and all its employees.


Whether applied internally or externally, the ability to work as a team is crucial for realising our collective goals. Within AMF, we believe that it is only through teamwork and collaboration that customers can obtain the very best result.


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