The Company

The Company

AMF is a leading technology subcontract manufacturer that specialises in precision engineering solutions.

Originating from a background in tool making servicing the Telecommunication industry, the business has developed over the years offering a wide range of products and services. This has enabled our customers to place one order and have it managed through to completion regardless of the complexity or number of processes.

To remain competitive and ensure the latest in manufacturing technology is adopted, AMF works closely with local universities and invests annually. The company runs an intelligent Oracle based ERP software allowing EDI for our customers. We also use Advanced Engineering Software and Manufacturing Simulation, often using clients’ CAD models, enables us to adopt best practices and review processes in a virtual environment.


A highly dependable precision engineering partner.

AMF  has recently achieved accreditation to AS9100 and as a company we are committed to the process of ongoing improvement. We are recognised by our customers as a provider of innovative and sophisticated solutions. As a preferred supplier, we ensure that we respond decisively, pro-actively and rapidly to our customers.

Our experience and knowledge in Ultra High Vacuum work and complex machining and assemblies has enabled us to break into the most demanding markets. AMF has long lasting ties to some of the global leaders in the UK and worldwide. Our clients are active in various market sectors such as Aerospace, Analytical Science, Oil & Gas, Semiconductor to name but a few.

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